Who We Are

J2 Solutions strives to provide the best components available to use on your site today, with the same passion and attention to detail we've used to send the best racecars to the track in our past.

A collaboration between the oilfield services business and the high performance racing industry is the foundation of J2 Solutions. At J2, our success in professional racing demonstrates our commitment to producing innovative, high quality components, and our daily experience on the oil patch gives us the insight into the components that are required by our customers and provides us many opportunities to test our components to insure they exceed expectations.

What We Sell

We currently produce several products that are widely used in the oilfield industry including repair kits for 1" and 2" 1502 Plug Valves.  Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive as they tell us that J2 Solutions Repair Kits seal better and are easier to actuate under load than others currently on the market.  J2 Solutions 1502 Plug Valve Repair Kits can be purchased in 1" and 2" bores packaged individually or in bulk, with or without a 6-piece seal kit.

We also offer a Stem and Seat replacement kit for 1" Motor Control Valves. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, J2 Solutions has been able to produce a higher quality part that we can sell to you at a lower price.  Higher quality components create a more durable seal in the most demanding applications.  J2 Stem and Seats are offered in both a Standard and a Heavy Duty grade material for the harshest invironments.

Our 2x2 1502 Plug Valves have now been in the field for almost a full year now, and just like our 2x2 Repair Kits, customers tell us that they're more durable and last longer than the valves they used to use.  No coincidence here, our valves are manufactured, inspected, and assembled with the same quality and attention to detail they've come to expect with J2 products.  And, they're 15lbs lighter than our competition which is something your field technicians will appreciate at the end of a long day.

At J2 Solutions, we are continually working to add to our product lines and have several components currently in process including 2" 1502 Threaded Hammer Unions and 1” Choke Valve replacement Stems and Seats.  Quality will remain our highest priority as we work to produce innovative solutions for today’s oil and gas industry.

Our mission

J2 Solutions is committed to serving the oil and gas industry with the highest quality components and dependable customer service.